Loyalty Asia 2021/2022 Insights Report

The Most Comprehensive Loyalty Insights across the ASEAN Markets for 2021 and beyond

Indonesia | Malaysia | Philippines | Singapore | Thailand


Imagine keeping one step ahead of the competition with your loyalty program in Asia, even with COVID-19

Loyalty Asia gives you the knowledge to keep a step ahead of the competition, providing you with insights into the motivation that drives your consumers & members across ASEAN's leading markets.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry, which is why the Loyalty Asia Report provides your business with core insights covering:

  • COVID-19 Impact

    How has the pandemic touched the consumers and impacted their relationships with brands and spending

  • Consumer Sentiment

    How consumers and members feel about programs and brands they deal with in Asia

  • What Works

    Core insight into what consumers like and dislike in all aspects of loyalty and engagement programs.

  • Leading Programs

    Member ranked and rated programs and what they like best. Includes Retail, Airline, Accommodation and Financial Services.

Now is the time to adapt your loyalty program.

Covid-19 has made a significant impact to loyalty programs around the world. We've done the research on the true impact on your customers and program members, so you don't have to. To have a successful loyalty program in the ASEAN markets, you will need to enhance your loyalty marketing & customer engagement strategy for 2021 and beyond.

The Loyalty Asia 2021/2022 Insights Report is your must-have resource to keep your customers and members happy. Increase your retention rates, even during a pandemic, and understand how to thrive this year and beyond as a brand.

The Loyalty Asia 2021/2022 ASEAN Insights Report

Conducted across the 5 Leading ASEAN markets at various stages of their evolution, the Loyalty Asia 2021/2022 Report provides core insights into how the consumer thinks and feels about Loyalty and Engagement Programs Globally, Regionally and Locally, through the lens, or mask, of a global pandemic.

In its 2nd Edition, The Loyalty Asia 2021/2022 Insights Report is the first and only consolidated research across these diverse Asian markets.

Key loyalty Insights for 2021 and beyond

The Loyalty Asia Report covers the 5 Leading Market across ASEAN to give you the most comprehensive and specific Loyalty Insights that ever seen in the region.

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The Loyalty Asia 2021/2022 ASEAN Insights Report

The Loyalty Insights every Marketer, Partner and Brand need to succeed.

The Loyalty Asia Report provides Marketers, Loyalty Partners and Brands essential insights into the Asian markets to give you a competitive advantage for 2021 and beyond.


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