Loyalty Asia 2020 Insights Report

The Most Comprehensive Loyalty Insights across the ASEAN Markets for 2019-2020

Indonesia | Malaysia | Philippines | Singapore | Thailand


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Vivid Engagement provides you with insights into the motivation that drives our Consumers & Members across ASEAN's leading markets.

As such, the Loyalty Asia 2020 ASEAN Insights Report will be the first all-encompassing insights report across the Asian markets. The Loyalty Asia Report will provide your business with core insights covering:

  • Consumer Sentiment - How they feel about programs and brands
  • What Works - Core insight into what consumers like and dislike in all aspects of Loyalty and Engagement Programs.
  • Leading Programs - Member ranked and rated programs and what members like about leading programs. Overall, as well as Retail, Airline, Accommodation and Financial Services.

If you are looking to enhance your Loyalty Marketing and Customer Engagement Strategy for 2020 and beyond, then the Loyalty Asia 2020 ASEAN Insights Report is your must-have resource to keep your Customers and Members happy.

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The Loyalty Insights every Marketer, Partner and Brand need to succeed.

The Loyalty Asia Report provides Marketers, Loyalty Partners and Brands essential insights into the Asian markets to give you a competitive advantage.


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